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9 Ways To Make Your Content More Readable

A blog post, a web page or a social media update…We work hard developing our content and we want it to be read. After all, we have important information to convey that connects with our readers, provides value, and hopefully leads them to making a purchase with us. Our readers are bombarded with information. Their […]

8 Questions to Answer Before you Start a Blog

A blog can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. If you don’t have a blog for your business, there are many benefits to starting one. A blog can: establish you as an expert or authority on a subject lead your prospective clients to your website allow you to engage with your readers improve […]

7 Steps to Effective Content Creation

We create all types of content as part of our normal workday. We write emails, create proposals, write blog posts or maybe even update our business website. Creating content is a crucial first step, but making sure that content is creating value is just as important. If what we write doesn’t resonate with our readers, […]

The Perfect Trio: Your Website, Blog & Social Media

The Three Musketeers, The Three Tenors, The Three Stooges. Many successful and famous things have come in three’s. And the same holds true for your business. Three parts of your business form the perfect partnership. They are the perfect trio, supporting each other, complimenting each other, and together form a powerful marketing foundation. They are […]

How to Brainstorm Content for Your Social Media Posts

Social media can be an effective tool for growing your business, and should be a key part of your business’s marketing plan. Social media provides an excellent way to stay in front of our target audiences, engage in conversation, and obtain business leads. The challenge comes with the content. What should we say? How can […]

Fill Your Blog With “Evergreen” Content

As bloggers, business owners, content writers and marketers, we are always striving to generate helpful, informative and interesting topics for our blogs. Our blogs serve as a resource for our readers. And as we continue brainstorm content topics, we should seriously consider filling our blogs with a type of content that has a lasting impact: […]

10 Tips to Interviewing a Source for Your Content

The content we create for our businesses should provide knowledge, insights and resources to our audiences. And while we may know a lot about an extensive list of topics, none of us are experts at everything. To ensure our content offers the most value to our readers – with current, specific and reliable information – […]

Benefits of a Business Blog

Over the past five to ten years, the word “blog” has become a household word, and a fundamental part of our online culture. Blogs come in many forms – covering a range of topics from entertainment to hobbies, news to business. Blogs are a valuable resource. When I need to learn more about a particular […]

6 Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid

We all make mistakes, and sometimes mistakes happen when we write. Sometimes we write too quickly and details get overlooked. Sometimes we just don’t realize that something we’ve been doing is incorrect or could be done better. Either way, here are six common writing mistakes that most people make. Once you know what they are, […]