Harley King
Harley King Organizational Development Consultant, HCR ManorCare

“I have known Laurie and have followed her career since she worked for me as an intern one summer writing PR stories. She is an excellent writer, detail-oriented, with a warm, caring personality. She is knowledgeable of both marketing, healthcare, and business. I would highly recommend her company to anyone looking to improve their company communications and website.”

Annette Ticoras
Annette Ticoras MD, Private Patient Advocate & Navigator, Guided Patient Services

“I have exclusively used Laurie Zinn of Line-By-Line for my content writing for several years. Her content is engaging, fresh and always demonstrates mastery of my industry and knowledge of my target demographic. She is truly my ‘voice.’ When she writes content, it consistently sounds like I personally authored it, with all the benefits of not having done so. I would highly recommend Laurie and Line-by-Line for any writing or editing needs. As a small business owner, her professional and efficient approach and ability to convey my personal tone to clients and others is invaluable to me.”

Connie Chwan
Connie Chwan Founder and Certified EOS Implementer, Pure Direction

“Laurie is a valuable, trusted advisor to my company, helping me focus and create great content for my blog. She brings clarity, fresh ideas, and a studied understanding of the services I provide my clients. She is always available to brainstorm writing ideas, or writing style, or new approaches to a series of blogs. I cannot imagine producing high-quality blogs without Laurie’s assistance. I am honored to work with Laurie and to call her friend."

Taryn Riddle
Taryn Riddle Sales Director, Three Scale Strategy

“Laurie is a very gifted writer. She’ll walk you through creating the valuable content to educate, inform and keep your prospects right at your gate. She has a great writing style and is very knowledgeable in creating your messages and keeping them in front of your clients and prospects.”

Emily Journey
Emily Journey President, Bessel Works

“Laurie consistently comes through for me with stellar results. She has created high quality writing and web content for my business and led 30 minute and 1 hour presentations with my training groups. She never fails to engage the group and be well received. Laurie’s reliability, expertise, and RESULTS are out of this world. She remains and will continue to remain my ‘go to’ person for my own writing needs and whenever I need to refer my own clients for writing and web development services.”

Cindy Wells
Cindy Wells Nutrition Division Director, Meals on Wheels – Older Adult Alternatives of Fairfield County, Inc.

“Laurie has been able to adapt to and accommodate every change we have wanted to make to our website while setting it up. She is always so pleasant and makes suggestions to help us think ‘outside the box.’ We are blessed to have found such an amazing lady to guide us.”

Ryan Rivers
Ryan Rivers Owner, Rivers Insurance

“Laurie is a wonderful writer with great marketing and business skills. Her creativity and expertise has been a big help to my business. My website and communication upgrades have all been due to her talents. I would highly recommend her for any content or writing needs.”

Ryan Hosein
Ryan Hosein Owner, Blue Ring Residential Services

“Laurie from Line-By-Line has helped me in so many ways. I cannot begin to tell people what a tremendous help she has been. As a small business owner, the day-to-day operations keep me very busy. So when I found out about Laurie’s business and her experience, I was very excited to hand off all of my marketing needs to her. Since hiring Laurie, I’ve started to market and advertise more, and my business has grown 30-40%. She also helped me streamline my website. So if someone needs help with marketing their business, Laurie would be the one I’d recommend.”

Lee Rowley
Lee Rowley Owner, The Caffeinated Entrepreneur

“If you’re looking for a phenomenal wordsmith, your search is over! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Laurie on several occasions, and her work is top-notch. Laurie is also one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve ever worked with – she takes deadlines seriously and always delivers stellar work. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Laurie for your copywriting needs!”

Ron McChesney
Ron McChesney CEO, Three Scale Strategy

“Laurie not only understands the rapidly changing and myriad moving parts of social media, but how to create content and place it in the proper context. Additionally, she also combines creativity with a systematic and organized approach to implement campaigns with an effective communications matrix.”

Kris Neff
Kris Neff Board Member, Lewis Center Business Association

“I have worked with Laurie as part of the Lewis Center Business Association over the past 2 years, where she has assumed the role of Communications Director for our organization. Laurie’s ability to to edit, organize, and format writing content is remarkable. She has been an integral part in the vast improvement of our member communications and marketing for our organization and members. Not only is Laurie’s work valued within our organization, but her character and personality are just as virtuous. If time constraints and lack of ability to put your business information, promotions, etc, into words what you are trying to Laurie’s company, Line-By-Line (Digital Content Creations) organizes your business information, ideas, and promotions into the most effective format and grammatically correct presentation, saving the business owner valuable time and headaches by getting your information/thoughts to your customers without you figuring out how to put it into words.”

Business owners are busy people. Creating content takes time.

If you don’t like to write, don’t want to write, or just don’t have time to write, I can help.

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