Writing is Your First Impression – How To Make it a Great One

Your first encounter with potential clients or customers is often through your writing.

Maybe you have reached out through email, or a potential customer has found you through one of your social media accounts. Perhaps they have come across your website, a blog post or a company newsletter. 

Customers today are educated and knowledgeable. They know how to research businesses using their computers or mobile devices before they make a purchasing decision. Customers read your information, and draw impressions of your business based on the words you choose to use in your marketing efforts.

That is why it is so important that your writing makes a strong first impression. It’s as critical as a firm handshake.

Here are five ways to make your writing’s first impression a solid one: 

Use a friendly and confident voice. People want to do business with someone they perceive is professional, who knows what they are doing, and is easy to work with. Using a friendly tone in your writing can convey that you are not only knowledgeable, but that working with you would be a pleasant experience. Be confident and assured in your description of your product or service but….

Don’t brag too much. Don’t go on and on about how superior your product or service is. Describe how you can help your customers and solve a problem that they have. Detail the benefits clearly and entice your readers to want to know more. Most readers don’t buy something until they have developed some type of relationship with the business. Laying on the hard sell on a first encounter comes off as pushy, and may turn your customers away.

Don’t overcomplicate your writing. Be simple, concise and get to the point. Don’t try to impress your readers by using big words and long, complex sentences to show off how intelligent you are. You will only confuse and frustrate your reader. They will be more impressed by your ability to take something complicated and explain it in a way they can easily understand.

Use correct spelling and grammar. It goes without saying that spelling mistakes and blatant grammatical errors make you lose credibility. When you don’t proofread your work, you are telling your customers that you don’t care enough to do your best. 

Provide several ways to be contacted. Invite your audience to contact you if they have questions or would like more information. Provide many ways that they can reach you. Some people are more comfortable communicating via email, where others need to establish that personal connection over the phone or face to face. Make sure you offer a phone number, email address, a contact form on your website, or if you have an actual store, provide a physical address so the customer can reach you in person.

Make your best effort when writing for your business. Give yourself every chance to make that positive first impression, and you will open the doors to a long line of loyal customers. Want to learn more? Join my e-mail list:

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