Content Creation: A Viable Marketing Option During a Pandemic

As we manage the delicate balance of staying healthy and staying in business, many businesses have found that the marketing options they once relied on don’t work in the current environment. In person meetings, conferences, tradeshows and other events that attract large crowds are put on hold for at least the near future. 

There’s one marketing option, though, that will be effective throughout this pandemic, and that is your content.

Content creation, in any form, is still going to work as we work from home, stay at home for the most part, and social distance. If you haven’t had a strong content creation strategy in your business before, now is the perfect time to start.

Here’s why content is a viable marketing option during this pandemic:

You can still reach your audience. Even if it’s not in person like you are used to, you can reach your audience through your digital content.  Pick your platform: social media, blogs, enewsletters, podcasts, webinars, etc. The list goes on and on. Content puts you in front of your audience and reminds them you are still there. 

You can step it up. If pre-pandemic you threw a social media post up a couple of times a month or wrote a quarterly blog, now you can do more. Create a content calendar. Start a blog. Grow your social media following. Identify that social media platform you know the least about and give it a try (I’m talking from personal experience here, check out my Instagram account). Finish writing that book. You may have a bit more time to invest in these platforms and can get a more consistent schedule going. Hopefully it will be one you can adhere to in the months to come.

You can identify your customers’ problems and provide solutions for them. Knowing your target audience’s pain points is crucial. And they may have different problems now than they did before this whole thing started. Research is always key to good content creation. Ask your audience for their feedback with a survey, a Facebook poll, or by talking with them on calls or virtual meetings. You can also use your undercover super-sleuth skills and do some social listening on your favorite platforms. 

Your customers may have more time to consume content. COVID-19 has landed millions of people in a home office. Without a commute, the hassle of dropping off kids, packing lunches, etc., they may have more time to read, listen, and engage. 

If it makes sense for your business, create COVID-related content to mix in with your evergreen content. You could have a separate category on your blog that houses all your COVID-related resources. Then later, when this pandemic is over —and I do believe that one day it will be—you can remove the COVID references and repurpose it into your content strategy.

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