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10 Tips to Interviewing a Source for Your Content

The content we create for our businesses should provide knowledge, insights and resources to our audiences. And while we may know a lot about an extensive list of topics, none of us are experts at everything. To ensure our content offers the most value to our readers – with current, specific and reliable information – […]

Benefits of a Business Blog

Over the past five to ten years, the word “blog” has become a household word, and a fundamental part of our online culture. Blogs come in many forms – covering a range of topics from entertainment to hobbies, news to business. Blogs are a valuable resource. When I need to learn more about a particular […]

6 Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid

We all make mistakes, and sometimes mistakes happen when we write. Sometimes we write too quickly and details get overlooked. Sometimes we just don’t realize that something we’ve been doing is incorrect or could be done better. Either way, here are six common writing mistakes that most people make. Once you know what they are, […]

5 Reasons To Own Your Platform

In this age of digital marketing, it is increasingly important for businesses to be present online. You can do this is by creating an effective, comprehensive platform. What is a Platform? A platform is simply the means you use to communicate your message. Your platform is your online presence, and can be combination of your […]

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Your Business?

Social media offers a unique opportunity for you to connect with your customers. You can promote your business, provide information, and carry on live-time conversations with your audience on the platforms they spend so much time on. If you are unfamiliar with social media or have never used it for business, it may be intimidating […]

8 Types of Links to Include in Your Blog

A blog is an important part of your business’s content marketing strategy. It drives traffic to your website, establishes you as a trusted professional, and allows for engagement with your readers. And while the content you provide in your blog is of utmost importance, what you do with that content contributes to your overall marketing objectives. […]

How to Write SMART Content for Social Media

Writing for social media is different from the other types of content you create for your business. The goal of social media is engagement – you want your audience to do something with what you’ve written. Depending on the social media outlet, you want them to like, follow, share or comment. Ultimately you want your […]

How to Organize Before You Write

Writing doesn’t come easy to many people. Especially when it involves creating content for your business. It can be a task you procrastinate, or something you want to sit down and do as quickly as possible just to get it done. But rushing through your work doesn’t usually produce quality results, and procrastinating doesn’t produce […]