5 Marketing Goals For Your Business

Have you made progress on the business goals you wanted to accomplish this year?

If you have lost your focus, don’t worry. It’s not too late to restart. Here are five marketing goals you can put in place today that will help you achieve your sales objectives for this year.

  1. The Content Audit. Start by going through all of your marketing materials, your website and your social media profiles and make sure everything is current. Check over the About Us page of your website for staff name or contact information changes. Update your profile pictures (is it time for an updated professional photo?), your cover photos on Facebook and your skill set on LinkedIn.
  2. Pledge to be more involved in social media. I know it’s hard to make time, but start small. Focus on one or two outlets that best meet your business needs. Carve out a small portion of your day to posting or planning status updates, sharing industry-worthy articles and reading what your followers are saying. Tools like HootSuite or Buffer can streamline your efforts and allow you to plan ahead for future posts.
  3. Engage in Email Marketing. Tailoring a message specifically to your targeted audience is a powerful way to engage your customers and secure more business. Send a short monthly or bi-monthly newsletter /flyer with helpful information or advice that would benefit your customers.
  4. Create More Content. Think of one or two content items that would be most helpful to your business. Have you dropped the ball on your blog? Have you always wanted to create short, helpful You-Tube videos, a white paper or an ebook? This month, pick one project and make a plan to get it done. 
  5. Commit to Consistency. Whatever marketing goals you decide to commit to, be sure you stay consistent. If you are going to post an article to your blog once a week, then put it on your calendar and write it. You customers will look forward to hearing from you on a consistent schedule. Committing to it shows professionalism, follow-through and trust.

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