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My Social Media Marketing Certification Through Hootsuite

Last year, I earned Hootsuite’s Certification in Social Media Marketing. Prior to purchasing it, I did a lot of research to find out what was involved, what others who had gone through it had to say, and if it was worth my time and financial investment. If you are considering purchasing the exam through Hootsuite, […]

5 Keys to Creating Engaging Content

Have you ever spent hours writing a blog post for your business, only to discover that few people read it? Have you created and sent out an e-newsletter, then later learned it got an open rate of less than 5%? In an effort to engage your audience, have you posed a question on social media […]

Promote Your Business With the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all we are grateful for, and it’s a great opportunity for businesses to show appreciation for their customers. This Thanksgiving, take a few moments to add that personal holiday touch to your marketing efforts. Here are five suggestions that can get your name out in front of […]

Marketing Lessons from Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and soon (if we haven’t already), we’ll be shopping for costumes, planning parties and buying candy to give out on one of our kids’ favorite holidays of the year. As I reflect on the traditions and customs that come with this time of year, I’ve identified some parallels between […]

Study Shows That Spelling Still Counts

LOL, IDK and BRB mean more than just “laugh out loud,” “I don’t know,” and “be right back.” They are symbolic of the shortcut to communication many millennials are using in their text messages and emails. But as it turns out, these trendy communicators have little tolerance for spelling and grammar errors. In an online […]

My Inbound Certification

Last month I earned my Inbound Certification through HubSpot. I’d like to tell you what I thought about the program and the value it has added to my business. HubSpot’s website claims that its certification keeps you current with the latest inbound marketing trends. The certification has credibility, as HubSpot is a well-known resource for marketing […]