How to Write SMART Content for Social Media

Writing for social media is different from the other types of content you create for your business. The goal of social media is engagement – you want your audience to do something with what you’ve written. Depending on the social media outlet, you want them to like, follow, share or comment. Ultimately you want your business to be remembered, and thought of as a reliable, trustworthy resource.

But your audience’s attention spans are short – they are scanning for something interesting, something that makes them stop and read. So your copy should be short, enticing, and memorable. In order to be effective, your social media content should be SMART.

What is SMART Social Media Content?

SMART social media content draws your reader in, gives them something they need, and makes them want to pass it along. Here are the attributes of SMART social media content:

Simple: Your message should be short and sweet. Entice them, get their attention, and don’t make your message over complicated. Twitter has a 280-character limit for a reason.

Meaningful. Not all of your social media posts should be promotional. Instead, most of them should create value, and give your audience something they can learn and use. Meaningful posts build trust with your customers by establishing you as a trusted professional.

Action. There should be a call to action in everything you write, especially in social media. To encourage action, make your posts shareable. Provide statistics, images, or information that is interesting or entertaining.

Relevant. Keep your social media content consistent with your business, your brand and your industry. Your audience won’t listen if it doesn’t mean anything to them. Add value by answering questions, offering advice, and sharing information about your business.

Timely. Be aware of current events, local news, and industry trends. Take advantage appropriately when you can. Remember the Oreo cookie tweet released during the Superbowl Blackout in 2013? It was retweeted over 15,000 times.

Some of your social media posts will contain one or more of these SMART attributes. Some may contain them all. The key to engaging your audience in social media is in your content. Make it SMART, and you’ll create value, establish relationships, and convert your audience to loyal customers.

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