My Review of HubSpot’s Email Marketing Certification

I recently earned my Email Marketing Certification through HubSpot, a company that specializes in inbound marketing and sales software. HubSpot Academy is their education arm, and offers a series of certification classes to anyone interested in learning more about online marketing.

Program Details

HubSpot’s Email Marketing Certification begins with an introduction to the course, followed by nine classes each containing three videos. The classes include:

  • Email Marketing and Your Business
  • Sending the Right Message with Lifecycle Marketing
  • Contact Management and Segmentation
  • The Components of a High-Performing Email
  • Email Design and Functionality
  • The Essentials of Email Deliverability
  • Developing Relationships with Lead Nurturing
  • Measuring Success with Email Analytics
  • Email Optimization and Testing

The certification classes take about four hours to complete, and focuses on developing an email marketing strategy that grows your business. You can watch the videos, or download the transcripts of the classes if you prefer. There is a downloadable study guide you can use to follow along and study when you are finished with the classes. The certification is appropriate for beginning or seasoned email marketers.

The test contains 60 questions and you have 90 minutes to complete it. If you don’t pass it the first time, you must wait 48 hours before taking the test again. You can take the test up to three times. If you still don’t pass it, you must wait 30 days before attempting to take the test again.

Is it Worth it?

I found the Email Marketing Certification to be worth my time to complete. Although I consider myself experienced in email marketing, there were still bits of information that were new and helpful to me, especially in the areas of email deliverability and analytics. The email deliverability section does a great job of explaining why some of your emails might get bounced back, and what the many codes mean.

My Suggestions to You

I would suggest taking the certification exam before viewing the videos. There is no penalty to doing that, and you may even pass the first time! If not, it will give you a good idea of what to focus on when you are going through the class.

Take the time to watch the videos or read the transcripts. They contain valuable information, and explain the concepts in short, digestible chunks.

Once you pass, add the banner to your website. This will help with credibility, and show that you are willing to invest the time in yourself and your business.

You can learn more about HubSpot’s email marketing certification by visiting their website If you have any questions about my experience, please contact me.






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