My Inbound Certification

Last month I earned my Inbound Certification through HubSpot. I’d like to tell you what I thought about the program and the value it has added to my business.

HubSpot’s website claims that its certification keeps you current with the latest inbound marketing trends. The certification has credibility, as HubSpot is a well-known resource for marketing information and software. They frequently update the certification curriculum to provide you with the most up-to-date and valuable information. Once you earn the certification, it is only valid for 13 months. Then you have to retake the updated program in order to get recertified.

The certification is a combination of 11 online classes/videos and a timed 60-question test. The slides from each of the classes are available to download, and there are additional resources at the end of each class, such as blogs and ebooks, that relate to the topics if you want more information.

The certification is free to anyone willing to invest the time and pass the test. It won’t cost you monetarily, but there is a time commitment to the program.

Each of the eleven classes is 35-45 minutes long. And while the concepts may not be new to veteran marketers, their approaches and terms, like Inbound Methodology, Buyer’s Journey, and Buyer’s Personas, are very specific. They are referred to throughout the program, so it’s best to start at the beginning and watch each one in order in its entirety.

Once you’re certified, HubSpot will give you a personalized badge and certificate. You can print the certificate, and place the personalized badge on your website, in an email signature, or on your LinkedIn profile.

Overall, I was impressed with the program and thought it was well worth my time. While I knew much of the general content, HubSpot’s approach made me consider marketing processes and best practices differently. The certification gave me a broader understanding of the Inbound Methodology (i.e. sales cycle) and a stronger foundation for my work with clients.

If you are thinking about taking the class, here are a few benefits that earning the certification will have on your business and your clients:

  • It shows that you are serious about your work
  • It demonstrates that you are committed to growing in your profession
  • Your increased knowledge makes you a better resource for your clients and customers
  • It proves that you finish what you start

Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about my experience with HubSpot’s certification program or how I can help your business with its content needs.


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